Interpreters are oral translators, enabling bilingual communication between people who speak only one language or who simply don’t know their interlocutor’s language. The interpreter’s job is not simply to render each spoken word literally into the other language, but to convey broader meaning, respect cultural conventions, and manage idioms.

On top of all this, in the event of any mistakes, more often than not, the interpreter will have to shoulder the blame. In politics and in show business, embarrassing remarks are frequently excused as mistranslations. Barack Obama, Javier Bardem and other public figures were subjects of such cases of misinterpretation or mistranslation.

But what happens if interpreters get biased while doing their work? Well, watch this video to find out. While it presents the beginnings of simultaneous interpreting in films, it also presents the unprofessional behaviour of an interpreter who leaves in the middle of the conference!

Professional interpreting services for your business

We can assure you that this will never happen to your conference. We work with thousands of interpreters, all with different skill sets, interests and abilities. They will be wherever you need them, when you need them, providing the highest quality interpreting services.

‘Being an interpreter is more than being bilingual. You’re not just giving someone the gist of what’s being said; it has to represent each individual’s words accurately, fairly and fluently. That only comes with experience, and a lot of hard work. Another consideration is whether you need more than one translator. Especially when instant – simultaneous rather than consecutive – interpretation is needed, two or more interpreters will be needed. A good agency will explain all this to you.’ – A full-time Global Lingo interpreter

Interpreting services London

The Global Lingo Interpreting Services London office is based in Grosvenor Gardens. Most of our clients are London-based, multinational corporates. However, we can work with any company or individual based anywhere in the world.

We have no problem providing interpreters for highly complex and sensitive meetings at short notice. If you would like to know more about our interpreting services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.