In 2004, Garry Mann, a fireman from Kent, was arrested at the European Football Championships in Portugal. Garry was charged with causing the riot. He was tried the following day, convicted and sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment.

He was deported to England where the Magistrates Court considered an application for a football banning order. Justice Stephen Day denied the application, finding the trial in Portugal to be “so unfair as to be incompatible with the respondents’ right to a fair trial under Article 6” and concluded “it would be unfair to rely upon the Portuguese conviction.”

In cases such as this, as well as other high-profile proceedings such as the Jean Charles de Menezes and Baha Mousa inquiries, Global Lingo has ensured that professional legal interpreting and translation is made available to all parties requiring the service. This is vital to ensure that everyone involved, including the public, can be sure that decisions have been reached fairly.