Increasing professionalisation is often seen as a crucial step in raising the profile of translators and the art of translation. More and more translators are emerging from training schemes and university courses, but is there a need for longer-term skills development? What are the current continuing professional development opportunities for translators? What kinds of opportunities currently exist, and what might be missing?

This year’s International Translation Day symposium will try to discuss these issues and possibly find answers. A series of seminars have been planned to address various aspects of today’s translation industry:

International Translation Day 2014

1. Absolute Beginners – This seminar aims to introduce the ins and outs of the job to recent graduates.

2. Translators in Education – This seminar will discuss the social, cultural and academic benefits of translation activities, and demonstrate how they meet the requirements of the National Curriculum at both primary and secondary level.

3. Amplifying Women’s Voices Through Translation – This seminar will focus on drawing a battle plan to raise the profile of women authors through translation.

4. Migrating Languages – The theme of this seminar will be the many types of “new Englishes” (like Jafaican, or Hinglish), and the relationship between English and indigenous languages (such as Irish, or Welsh) in translation.

5. Translating Comics – This will be an introduction to translating words and pictures in graphic novels and comics.

6. Pitch Perfect – This is the ITD’s very own “Dragons’ Den” style pitching session where translators and literary enthusiasts will have the chance to pitch foreign language books to a panel of publishers.

7. Crossing Borders – This session will consider the ethical issues raised when literature crosses borders, and present strategies translators can use when translating dissident writers or work that addresses difficult political and/or personal circumstances.

8. Translation Games Meets Enemies – The Translation Games programme explores the theory and practice of translation within literature and fine arts. The Enemies project is about the possibilities of poetry in collaboration across art forms, languages and environments.

9. New Directions – During this seminar attendees will find out what complements translation work. Creative writing, editing and proofreading are just a few new avenues of work for literary translators.

10. Throwing the Book at Them – This seminar will present some effective PR and marketing techniques for promoting a book.

11. Singing the Meaning: Words and Translation in Opera – This closing session will explore, amongst other things, the challenges of translating minority language operas, and what future movements of translation in opera might look like.

Did any of these discussion themes raise your interest? If so, then you must attend the International Translation Day 2014 symposium. Access the complete programme and schedule here.