Donald Trump is known for his flamboyance, TV show, entrepreneurial acumen and of course his hair. His actual wealth is currently hotly disputed, some accounts suggest Mr Trump is worth $150 to $250 million, which is no small sum by any standards. However Donald himself, in a soon to be published book, claims to be worth $7 billion. He attributes $3 billion of that to the Trump brand name. While it’s notoriously difficult to do that, I’m not going to pick apart his calculations, I don’t have time.

Trump is just a funny word

What I want to highlight is the fact that, in the UK at least, Trump is… well just funny.

There’s no getting away from the fact that most small children will fall about laughing at the very mention of the word. Here is a selection of the name Donald Trump has registered, some will obviously raise fits of giggles in playgrounds around the country. Mr Trump may love using his name on literally everything, but as an international branding exercise, he’ll struggle to get past the derision if he wants to make a mark in the UK market.

What’s your favourite one? I was going to pick but there are just too many gems!

  • The Donald
  • Trump Style
  • Trump Class
  • Trump Touch
  • Donald J. Trump, the Fragrance
  • Trumpnet
  • Purely Trump
  • Trump Steaks
  • Oysters Trump
  • Trump’s Golden Lager
  • Trump’s American Pale Ale
  • Trump Vodka
  • Trump Ice
  • Trumptini
  • Trump Card
  • Trump Furntiture
  • Trump Home
  • Trump Office
  • Trump World
  • Trump Money
  • Trump Mortgage
  • The Donald J. Trump Credit Card
  • The Donald J. Trump Signature Collection
  • The Trump Art Collection
  • Trump Concierge Service
  • Trump D’Elegance
  • Trump Attaché
  • Trump Versailles
  • Trump Royale
  • Tour de Trump
  • Trump Super Speedway
  • Trump’s World’s Fair
  • The Trump World Open
  • Trump University
  • Trump Institute
  • Trump Airlines
  • Trump Air
  • Trump the Game
  • Trumped
  • Trump Tycoon
  • Trump Fire
  • Trump Power
  • Trump Icon
  • The Trump Follies

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