Leisure & Tourism Industry Overview

The Leisure and Tourism industry is continually growing and expected to grow further for many years to come. With hotel chains operating globally, hotel staff and visitors alike are naturally multilingual. This highlights the immense need for tourism translation services across a range of departments. These tourism translation services may include: internal communications aimed at hotel staff, externally facing press releases, translation for travel, customer notices and even entire websites.

Global Lingo works extensively within the Leisure and Tourism sector with a variety of different departments, including marketing, PR and communications, health and safety, risk, HR, legal and compliance teams, and investor relations, providing a variety of services. On our end, we work with incredible travel language translators to ensure high-quality, accurate results. Every travel language translator on our team is an experienced and dedicated linguist with significant expertise in the field of travel and tourism. For a tourist, the language and format of content within a new country is extremely difficult to navigate. That’s why we’re happy to offer translation for travel as well as a variety of other language services for the leisure and travel industries.

The Importance of Translation in Tourism

The importance of translation in tourism cannot be understated. Why? Because the very field of tourism is intrinsic with a diverse range of languages, cultures and people. Translation for travel is often necessary to speak the tourists’ language, communicate important needs and services to travelers, all while being accurate, clear and concise. This, in turn, helps international tourism expand on an annual basis.

Relevant Services and Benefits

  • We cover translation, Desktop Publishing(DTP), eLearning localisation, full end-to-end service, catering for translation, course rebuild, QA and testing (Linguistic sign-off (LSO)) for many large global hotel chains.
  • Full end-to-end translation services for marketing collateral – brochures, flyers, leaflets, etc. We offer our Desktop Publishing (DTP) and typesetting, and Linguistic sign-off service following translation to ensure any localised collateral in the target language looks identical to the original.
  • GloZone, our dedicated customer portal, offers secure and encrypted access via a standard web browser, to centralise and standardise all language services, allowing you to manage all translation requirements in a streamlined manner.
  • Integration of services with CMS, DMS, and other database systems via API connection: content can be pushed directly to our internal systems to streamline and speed up the translation process, particularly beneficial for dynamic, frequently updated content.
  • Transcription and minute-taking for investor and board meetings and financial results, as well as HR grievances and disciplinaries.
  • Translation Memory / Terminology Management provides linguistic consistency across all content translated, ensuring the corporate tone of voice and brand identity is conveyed across content, as well as time and cost savings due to reuse of previously translated segments.


With dedicated Project and Account teams, our Leisure and Tourism clients have a support team available to contact directly with new projects or queries. Global Lingo has a flexible approach and we can tailor our services to any requirements. This allows us to provide last-minute translations of press releases and bespoke localisation workflows, as required by our clients.

Our investment in technology also allows us to work with digital teams, aiding with website translations and facilitating real-time content updates across multiple languages through API integration.

To see how we can help you with your requirements around Leisure & Tourism, visit our case study section to view how other organisations are already profiting from a global supplier.

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