Baidu, the largest search engine in China, has added image translation to its services. The app is pretty straight-forward and can be used by Android and iOS based smartphones. We decided to find out just what the app can do, so we took a few pictures around our office. The results vary – wildly.

This is a hand cream – close, but not close enough.

Flattery works every time!

That’s actually a Christmas tree sapling, but at least it’s in the right area.

I wouldn’t call this toy a dog, let alone a tactical one. 

You can have a lot of fun with this app. But is it really a translation app?

We took a picture of this cup a few times; the first result was “Phantom Cup”, two results were “Mug” and this was the last try we did, so the app does have it’s uses.

When I first heard about an image translation app, I imagined a piece of software that would translate the text from an image but, as you can see in the mug picture, it doesn’t translate the text, it just guesses what you took a picture of.

I don’t see this really as a translation app in the traditional sense; it feels more like a description app. I’m not quite sure how you could use this. It’s a bit of harmless fun, and if it can help you learn a few words of English or Chinese then so much the better!