First thing is don’t panic. We can help you. But first there are a few questions.

Is what you need transcribing already recorded?

If it is then all you need to do is get it over to us. You can upload any digital format directly to our secure servers. Once we have it we’ll begin transcription immediately.

If you don’t have it digitally, then post is the best way. Just pop it in an envelope and post it to us at our head office address.

Do you need a transcriber at your meeting?

If you need someone there that’s no problem either. Just call our sales team on 0207 870 7100 and we’ll arrange to get someone there.

That’s not quick enough, my meeting starts in an hour!

No problem, we can arrange to transcribe your meeting via a conference call. Our transcriber will sit silently on the call just as if they were in the room.

Ok, but I need the document back quickly, it’s really important

Again, no problem. We can turn around your transcription in 24 hrs if that’s what you need. We have several options available for you, just tell us what you need and we’ll oblige. We can provide it back in any format from a word file to a pdf or a PowerPoint, just let us know.