Translation memory is a great tool when there’s lots of translation to be done. Traditionally the benefits only come once a file is translated as it’s at that point that the actual translation memory is created, meaning that the benefits are only realised once a translation project is completed. So if a 60,000 word document is translated and there is no existing memory, there won’t be any cost saving to you until the next project is completed.

Translation Memory built on-the-fly

Global Lingo’s translation memory, on the other hand, gives you instant savings because our Translation Memory builds itself as our linguists work on your translation. This means that if there is repetition in the first paragraph of the copy, it will be available to the translator immediately so you’ll receive the benefits from the very first project.

Our translation memory software analyses your files for fuzzy as well as ICE (In Context Exact) matches. This is a critical function because there is a distinct difference between a section of text which requires attention and one which is a perfect match.

What are Fuzzy and ICE matches?

ICE stands for In Context Exact. This means that the translation memory software analyses the text and looks for segments, not single words, which match the translation memory exactly. Not only does that segment of text need to match but it needs to be in context with the segments of text preceding and following it. Only then will it be marked as a ICE match to the translator.

If the memory doesn’t mark it as an ICE match but as a fuzzy match (meaning it’s close but not perfect) then the translator assigned will thoroughly check that segment and re-translate or edit whatever needs to be corrected.

Our translators review every word of your translations, even ICE matches, just to make sure the software hasn’t made a mistake.

What are the benefits of translation memory?

Translation memory has huge benefits and the more it’s used the better it gets. Here’s a brief summary of the advantages:

  • Consistency of translation – The same terminology and descriptions are used in all your translated material.
  • A reduction in turnaround time – Translators don’t need to re-translate repeated sentences or paragraphs.
  • Dramatic cost saving – Repeated text is only charged at a third of the normal price. This charge is in place as the translator will still check the context of repeated sentences.