Press conferences are vital to how organisations get their message across. The main object of a press conference is to deliver a message in a controlled way to ensure that it isn’t misreported and taken out of context. Clearly all the reporters and journalists will have their own individual agenda and spin on the proceedings, so how do you ensure that what your representative said was accurately reported?

Ensure your press conference is transcribed

Only a professional transcription can ensure that the exact words your representative said are accurately recorded. Though the press conference may be scripted beforehand, once people begin to talk they invariably move away from the script or are diverted by a question from the floor.

So having a verbatim transcript can save your bacon by ensuring that every word said is accurate and cannot be misheard or reported.

Transcripts are also a great way of publishing the details of a press conference very quickly to ensure maximum coverage. Journalists may have been given access to a video or audio recording, but they’re very unlikely to sit and use it all. They are more likely to use the contents of a transcript, as they can simply copy and paste quotes.