Just before Christmas I blogged about the amazing retail experience I had in Lush buying a Christmas present.

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I’m sure that the high street experts have already sorted out their selling strategy for the big day. But for those who haven’t even thought about what they’ll do or didn’t even remember that February 14th was fast approaching the answer is simple.

If you want to sell things to men for their better halves then the trick is not to ask them to make any decisions.

Sounds weird, I know, but it works

Your staff need to sell at the men, ensure they know everything about the product, how it will make the ladies feel, how grateful they’ll be. That your product is exactly what the woman will like and appreciate.

You need to arm the men with all the facts, men love facts, so that he can make the gift look like his idea. Crack this and you’ll have a shop full of happy blokes a nation full of happy women and repeat sales next time the men need to buy a special gift.