Horror stories abound about Project Management charges for translation, interpreting and transcription services. One client told us that there were charged £1,000 for simply placing a project, that’s in addition to the cost of the service!

As part of our service we never charge an additional project management fee. That’s because it’s the part of the service you come to us for and to charge extra just doesn’t sit right with us.

Our Project Managers take great pride in delivering fast and accurate translation, interpreting and transcription services

Not only are they very proud of what they deliver but they are also amazing at delivering the right project for your needs. So if you have a video or audio that needs transcribing and translation at the same time then they can combine the two services and deliver the project exactly as you need. Need an interpreter to sit in your office and interpret videos while they sit next to you? No problem we already do this for our clients.

We’re interested in delivering the best possible projects for our clients, we’re not here to make a fast buck by short selling inferior language services. And we’ll never charge project management fees in addition to our services!