Transcription is the perfect way to ensure that conversations, meetings, conferences, evidence, statements, videos, recordings, podcasts and a million and one other things are written down.

Sounds like a simple procedure I know but if you’ve ever tried to recall a conversation you’ve had, retaining all the salient points is nigh on impossible. That’s why our professional transcribers are so vital. They can listen to a recording, attend an event or view a video and then ensure that all the details are accurately recorded. To be honest it’s an amazing skill I wish I had.

How much does transcription cost?

At the most basic level we charge per minute of recording either audio or video. So essentially the longer your original the higher the cost.

Once we know the length there are basically two ways for us to transcribe and they depend on how you want to use the completed transcription.

Verbatim transcription

This is the most detailed type of transcription, that’s because it captures each and every word, even the ums and ahs. It’s a perfect transcription for interviews at conferences, grievance procedures, evidence gathering and other instances where every single detail counts.

Due to the level of detail required this type of transcription takes longer to produce, typically a verbatim transcription produces 15 – 20 pages of very detailed transcription for each hour of original content.

The additional cost is our transcriber listening, transcribing, checking content and references, double checking content and then proofreading the final copy.

More details on verbatim transcription.

Executive Summary Transcription

As the title suggests this is a lot shorter transcription. This service boils down the recording of your event down to the essential elements making a very concise document. The initial cost of this type of transcription is still based on the length of the original recording but because the final transcript will be shorter than the verbatim transcript, typically 2 – 4 pages for each hour of recording, the final cost will be less.

Executive summaries are ideal for use as minutes, reports and other events where not every detail is required.

More details on executive summaries.

Transcription costs

To summarise the longer your recording the more costly the transcription will be. But the type of output you need will affect the cost too.

  • Verbatim transcripts are more expensive, but have more detail
  • Executive Summary transcripts are shorter and more to the point and are therefore a cheaper service.