There’s a travel and tourism boom coming to the UK. Are you ready for it?

There really is an explosion in the travel and tourism industry coming especially for tourists, businesses and organisations coming into the UK. The reason is simple 2010 is the decade of sport in the UK. Just look at all the events which are happening or are being bid for in the next 10 years.

  • 2010 Ryder Cup
  • 2011 Football Champions’ League final
  • 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games
  • 2013 Rugby League World Cup
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow
  • 2015 Rugby Union World Cup
  • 2018 Football World Cup, American Football Superbowl, Commonwealth Games (all currently being bid for)
  • 2019 Cricket World Cup

Making the most of these opportunities

Most people think that because all these events will only affect a few companies who are based near the events and that the increase in business will only be short-lived, but if you and your business position your services just right you can attract ongoing business for years to come.

One of the best ways to attract foreign visitors to use your services is to ensure that your marketing materials such as website, brochure, signage, menus, price lists etc are in the right languages.

If you wanted to book on a tour when you where visiting Japan would you use a company with their information in English or would you struggle with the information in Japanese?

Language Services will make a difference

Having your published material translated is a great step forward, but if you have a particularly large booking of non-English speakers then maybe having an interpreter would be a great idea too. That way your visitors will really get the most out of their stay with you.