Sounds like an odd question. How can such an ‘old fashioned’ practice as transcription help my website SEO? (Search Engine Optimisation)

The answer is simple. Most website designers and Search Engine Optimisation specialists know that adding video and podcasts is a great way to add interest and links to your site. This increases the likelihood of your site moving up the natural rankings, which is the nirvana for company websites.

Transcription adds even more weight to your SEO

As great as podcast and videos are on your website, there’s one thing they don’t add – Search Engine Optimisation value.

That’s because Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines can’t index or crawl the content of the recordings. That’s where transcription adds extra SEO value, and the reason is simple: transcribing the content of the video or podcast makes the content searchable.

No doubt your content contains valuable keywords to drive traffic to your site; otherwise, what would be the point of adding it? So having all that great information tied up in files that the search engines can’t crawl can be a wasted opportunity for your website.

Transcription adds to the user experience as well

Having the content transcribed can add significantly to the user experience too. Some of the best examples of this are the TED Talks. On the site open any of the videos of their amazing talks and click on the open interactive transcript link and you’ll see what I mean. Not only have they included a full transcript of the presentation, but by clicking on a sentence in the transcript the video jumps to that point in the speech enabling the user to bypass the need to mess around with the scroller at the bottom of the video.

So transcribing content is very worthwhile for your website’s SEO

So I’m pretty sure you can see how the ‘old fashioned’ art of transcription can add loads of value to your website SEO as well as to your users’ experience. It’s a simple process because you already have the content, just not in a searchable format, so that’s where professional transcribers come into their own and add real value to your digital content.