At the end of this month translators and the translation community all over the world will celebrate the 4th edition of the International Translation Day. The 30th of September is not just the end of the first month of autumn, but also the day of St. Jerome, a saint mostly known for his early and much appreciated translation of the Bible from Hebrew into Latin. He is recognised today as the patron saint of translators.

The International Federation of Translators* have been celebrating this day since 1991 as an effort to promote the translation profession in different countries. Since then, it has become a reference day for everyone in the translation field. Their intention was to raise awareness of the importance of professional translators and their work. Without their expertise, it is difficult to work successfully across borders. However, this profession was and, to some extent, still is ignored.

Professional translators, interpreters or, as they are also called, cross-cultural communication specialists will not be the only ones participating at this celebration. Students in training to become professionals, publishers, editors, reviewers, booksellers – and anyone interested in an inter-cultural language exchange or keen on exploring new ideas and initiatives – will also be present.

This year, International Translation Day will take place at the British Library. This year’s programme will include a series of seminars about important aspects and upcoming challenges in the business of translation: ‘Getting started in translations’, ‘Reviewing translations’, ‘Making a perfect pitch’, or ‘Wasting time online – which digital projects are worth the efforts?’ The seminars will be chaired by a guest host, but personal opinions of the public, examples of best practice and questions are strongly encouraged. You can access the full programme here.

Tickets for International Translation Day are available from the British Library website.

*The International Federation of Translators is the world federation of professional associations bringing together translators, interpreters and terminologists. It has 107 members in over 60 countries and represents more than 80,000 professionals.