As stated in our philosophy, we at Global Lingo know that our success depends on the collective energy and the positive approach of our people.

Our team works very hard every day to meet and exceed expectations and we think that, every now and then, it’s okay to wear silly hats while doing so. One might assume our team means just the people who come to the office every day and spend tens of hours each week in one of our four offices around the world; but our team is so much bigger than that! Our thousands of freelancers are based in a few hundred countries!

Freelancers are absolutely essential to Global Lingo. With such high-standards and fast turnarounds, we outsource a lot to our trusted freelancers, alongside our in-house team, in order to ensure our efficiency and quality are maintained on every project. Some days we need more freelancers. Some days we don’t need quite as many. It would be a bit of a waste to have too many employees, so we rely on our freelancers to manage this fluctuation. We would not be able to run our business without them.

This post is about one of our UK freelance transcribers: Leyanne Scharff. She has been working with us for a year now and during this time she won the respect and friendship of our permanent Professional Writing Services team. They absolutely love working with Leyanne and consider her an invaluable team member.

Here is Leyanne’s side of the story:

My First Anniversary as a Global Lingo Freelance Writer

Leyanne at her desk

There are not many jobs where you can spend time in multinational board meetings, government press conferences, focus groups and disciplinaries, all in the course of a single day. A typical day may start in medical research, move through banking and publishing, to finish in a casino or coroner’s court. This is what it means to work for a high end, top quality transcription service like Global Lingo. It is not uncommon to travel from Singapore to the States or from oil and gas to oil and vinegar in quick succession. One minute I can be writing a tidied-up transcript of an international symposium on the latest cancer drugs; the next I will be transcribing verbatim a roundtable discussion on biomass fuels.

Today marks my first anniversary with Global Lingo and what an incredibly rewarding year it has been. Behind the professional, personalised service which I contribute to and the care that we share in producing quality pieces of work, is the opportunity to learn something new and different every single day: about business, about people and about life.

Global Lingo wishes Leyanne many happy returns of this day!