Brian Solis just posted about the need to localise your marketing efforts to make your organisation truly global, he pays particular attention to social media campaigns. The world is now a smaller place and no longer can you use a one size fits all mentality to your marketing efforts. It’s a sign that social media has come of age that localising the messages is becoming a critical factor.

The payback from localisation is easy to see

Brian perfectly illustrates why localising your content makes perfect sense.

A brief study of average customer engagement on Facebook Fan pages around the world in 2010 helps illustrate the point of why localized strategies are important. In the review, Starbucks and Blackberry country pages that featured localized content in addition to the global initiatives fostered interaction as much as 10 – 15x than those which featured English-only content.

As with all the best marketing the results speak for themselves. If you want to become a global player in 2012, and you could well need to ensure your company survives, start thinking about translating and localising your content.