What is GloZone?

GloZone is our bespoke business management platform, aimed at simplifying your business needs with Global Lingo. Accessible via any web browser it allows you to submit order requests, securely upload your project files (in any format), access real time management information, and review invoices and track expenditure, using the accounting function.

How does our business management platform work?

Simple Ordering System

GloZone business management platform

Our customers require efficiency, quality, and security.  GloZone enables customers to submit a booking request in a quick and easy way, while ensuring security of information at all times.  With your unique log in credentials (provided by us), you can create a request in four steps, request a price quote, add information that we can use to complete the order, set deadlines, and contact the Global Lingo team directly. Once we receive your booking request, you will be sent a confirmation email containing all booking details.

Secure File Transfers

GloZone business management platform

Information security lies at the heart of everything we do at Global Lingo. The GloZone business management platform allows you to upload and store your files securely. There is no need to send files via email. You can also download final translation and transcription projects directly from the platform once they have been completed by the Global Lingo team.

All Global Lingo linguists have access to the GloZone linguist management platform to complete assignments, using their unique log on credentials.  Each linguist can only access files to which they have been directly assigned, and they are instructed to deliver the completed projects to us using the secure platform.

Transparent Reporting

GloZone business management platform

Do you require regular reporting of expenditure? Are you interested in reviewing and downloading real time management information? This is now possible using GloZone’s simple integrated reporting functionality. Choosing from multiple filters, you can select exactly the information you want to see, and export the information to Excel to run your own analysis.

To find out more about GloZone and how it can make your language services more efficient call us on +44 (0)20 7870 7100 or fill in the contact form.