As the US and European economies continue to decline and the recession appears to be getting deeper, businesses that want to survive need to look further than their traditional markets. The opportunity for global business has never been more pressing than it is now. The growing BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets are taking pride of place in international trade now, and companies who look to these markets are finding that there is life beyond the US and Euro zone.

The world no longer just trades only in English

According to the 2011 Internet World Stats by Miniwatts Marketing Group:

The English language accounts for less than one-third of all online use. And the vast majority of global Web users, 70 percent, choose to visit websites in their own language. Nine out of 10 users in the European Union, for example, prefer to visit websites in their own language. Forty-two percent of E.U. users would never buy a product from a website written in a foreign language.

Every website is global

Companies who aren’t translating websites and marketing material are missing out on a huge part of this massive market. The world is no longer dominated by the use of English.

Your website is available to every person in the world and if you want to have them spend money with you, you’ll need to sell your wares in their language.