Based on 2021 verified revenues, the annual rankings are the result of the language industry’s most comprehensive, large-scale survey of the language services and translation technology market by CSA Research

The language services and technology industry includes more than 27,000 players worldwide, ranging from boutique local agencies to large global companies. This diverse group of language service providers (LSPs) and translation technology vendors adds up to a multi-billion-dollar global industry. Based on 2021 verified revenues, independent market research firm CSA Research has named Global Lingo as one of the industry challengers providing the delivery of language services globally, ranked as the 90th largest LSP in the world and 21st largest in Northern Europe.

Global Lingo is a multinational language service provider specialising in 6 key sectors, employing over 60 full-time staff across 5 global offices and partnering with over 6,000 linguists covering any industry or niche. They specialise in translation, localisation, minute taking, interpreting and transcription services on top of many other language solutions for companies across the globe.

Comments the Chief Operating Officer of Global Lingo, Karl Eastwood: “I am proud to be leading such a resilient and professional team at Global Lingo, who have continued to provide exceptional language solutions throughout these testing 17 months. It is a testament to them that we continue to evolve and ensure that our solutions always meet our clients’ needs. With year-on-year revenue growth of 26% as of 30th June 2021, we look forward to generating further profitable growth throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond.”

LSPs and language technology developers support global experiences in other languages, delivering essential translation, interpreting, and localisation outsourcing capabilities to organisations and individuals around the world

“People worldwide prefer consuming information in their own language. Meeting this expectation fuels an indispensable multi-billion-dollar industry of language service and technology providers that keeps growing to support global digital transformation, help companies and governments improve customer experience, and respond to continuing globalisation,” comments Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research’s Chief Research Officer.

Study methodology

CSA Research uses structured and documented methodologies to ensure independent and reliable data-driven research for language service providers, technology vendors, global enterprises, and investors. The rankings of the largest suppliers are based on confirmed revenue from 2020. This is the 17th year CSA Research has studied the language services industry and the 4th year Global Lingo has appeared in the rankings.

Included in CSA Research’s global market study is the ranking of the largest 186 language services and translation technology providers, ranked globally as well as across eight regions.

About Global Lingo

Founded in 2006, Global Lingo has built a strong reputation based on the high-quality language services we have provided to our clients for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on providing first-class customer service, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Key facts

Over 60 full-time staff

5 global offices spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific

A translator, transcriber, and minute-taker network of over 6,000 people

Over a decade of experience

Bespoke business management platform ‘GloZone’

Proactive and experienced project managers in all locations

About CSA Research

CSA Research, formerly Common Sense Advisory, is an independent market research company specialized in the language services industry. It provides data-based research on globalization, internationalization, localization, interpreting, and translation technology. | @CSA_Research

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Global Lingo has one of the largest pool of linguists in the industry. Everyone is a native speaker in the language they are translating into, and we can translate into and from 150+ languages. So, whatever your project, whatever the language, Global Lingo can help.

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