Independent market research firm CSA Research recognizes Global Lingo as a leader in US$49.60 billion global translation, localization, and interpreting services industry

(London) – Global Lingo announced today its official ranking as one of the largest language service providers (LSPs) in the global translation, localization, and interpreting industry. Issued May 2019 by independent market research firm CSA Research, Who’s Who in Language Services and Technology: 2019 Rankings

named Global Lingo as a top-grossing LSP in the US$49.60 billion global market for outsourced language services and technology. Global Lingo was named as the 22nd largest LSP in Northern Europe.

Global Lingo is a Language Service provider with over a decade of experience in the fields of translation, interpreting, transcription and minute-taking.

The company’s expertise spans all industries including Finance and Banking, Learning and Development, Legal, PR and Market Research, Telecoms and all levels of government and intergovernmental agency.

COO of Global Lingo, Karl Eastwood, comments “We are proud to be a recognised LSP within the CSA Research. It is a great reflection of our amazing global teams across the organisation whose focus on service delivery has helped see Global Lingo climb to rank as 22nd largest LSP in Northern Europe. As technologies continue to evolve in the language services sector, Global Lingo remains at the forefront of embracing these. We continuously explore and introduce new methodologies across our full-service suite, empowering our clients to achieve global success within their field, localising every aspect of their business and documenting important meetings.”

The firm found that the market for language services and supporting technologies will grow 6.62% from 2018 to 2019, however the 100 largest LSPs grew at 20.08%.

The industry’s compound annual growth rate over the last 11 years was 7.76%.

“People worldwide prefer consuming information in their own language. Meeting this expectation − and sometimes the legal requirements to do so – fuels an indispensable global industry that continues growing due to global digital transformation,” comments Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research’s Chief Research Officer. “Language service providers and technology developers support those global experiences in other languages, delivering essential translation, interpreting, and localization outsourcing capabilities to businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals around the world.”

Included in CSA Research’s global market study is the ranking of the largest 193 language service providers globally and by region, all of which offer language and localization services to enable enterprises to expand global reach and to respond to domestic needs.

About CSA Research

CSA Research, formerly Common Sense Advisory, is the premier market research firm specializing in the language services and technology industry. It provides primary data and insight to assist companies with planning, brand strategy, innovation, competitive positioning, and better understanding of global markets. An independent market research company, its trusted and verified data helps companies profitably grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers. For more information, visit: or

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