We’re proud to announce that Global Lingo has

been appointed language and translation partner to my360plus.

Simon Walker, director my360plus, explains why Global Lingo was chosen.

At my360plus, we’re delighted to have Global Lingo on board as our language and translation services partner. My360plus is an online coaching and development system that collects 360 degree feedback on individuals. The output is a clear individual and/or team profile report that provides focused personal and strategic development.

Language and clarity are fundamental to what we do because they underpin the two things that make my360plus different to the many other 360 degree feedback systems out there.

Firstly, our clever processing produces crystal clear ratings with clear terminology for each high performance behaviour in our chosen framework – the renowned Schroder model. Most other systems simply report numerical scores and statistics.

Secondly, our feedback reports then explain in plain, clear language what this means, so that a person receiving the feedback fully understands the implications for their role. The report also provides detailed coaching suggestions for each behaviour so that the person – or team – can work to develop and raise their performance.

Feedback in your own language

Our global clients need questionnaires and reports in a variety of languages – individuals give and receive feedback far more readily when conducted in their mother tongue. But, because of the high levels of detailed explanation and coaching given by the my360plus system, choosing a language partner is an important decision. And this is where Global Lingo comes in.

Technical translations

From a technical standpoint, translating psychometric instruments is a highly specialised activity. We need mother tongue translators with a deep understanding and experience of personal development and psychology. Choosing the right translators, together with careful proofing and checking, ensures that we can maintain both the crucial question validity in the initial online questionnaire, and the nuance and accuracy of the explanations and coaching comments.

We chose Global Lingo as our language partner because you understand these specialist requirements and have the staff and systems to deliver. We’re looking forward to working with you!

To find out more about us, visit www.my360plus.com