The Global Lingo team have now commenced training for the 5k race in July.  Each Wednesday night after work, Marian, Ana and Beatriz are taking a run around Green Park in the hope of actually being able to run the 5k with some kind of ease.

Marian says: ‘The first night was pretty hard, we were all completely out of breath and did not run very far at all – god help us! 5k seems like such a small distance when you sign up to do it and we thought – no worries, but now we are aware that we are completely unfit and have a long way to go! It was really embarrassing as we were getting overtaken by 70-year-old marathon runners and we felt a bit pitiful… but to us, it is a start and seeing us run in the park must be worth a few quid for the laugh!  It is a good cause so all of the pain will be worth it!”

If you would like to sponsor the ladies you can by visiting their online sponsorship page.