GLingo Bulletin - Profile

Employee profile of the month – Karl Eastwood

Tell us about your background

Originally, I am from Leeds, West Yorkshire. From here my life has taken me to Romania, where I met my wife and now on to Chicago, so I have seen some quite amazing changes in my 31 years.

What has your journey been with Global Lingo?

Global Lingo has been a very rewarding experience for me since joining in 2011 as a bookkeeper based out of our office in the UK. Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel regularly spending many years living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and since October 2018 I am based in our office in Chicago, USA.

What is your favourite memory at Global Lingo?

My favourite memory from the past 7 years at Global Lingo was when the global team visited Zakopane, Poland. This was one of our end of year celebratory weekends and it was great to see colleagues from all over the world in one location as we took the time to ski, party and share stories together. I look forward to getting the opportunity to host another similar event!

What do you like best about your job?

What I like most about my job at Global Lingo is seeing people develop within the company. I am an ACCA qualified accountant, but I do not have a typical “academic” background and I know how much value can be taken from workplace development. Something that, as an organisation, I hope to commit more efforts towards as we grow.

On a personal level, what are some of your interests?

When not in the office, I love to travel, play soccer (or football as I previously knew it) and check out new restaurants with friends. I obviously spend too many hours watching NetFlix and my favourite shows can range from topical documentaries to new dramas. As for music taste, this usually surprises some, I do listen to all styles, but my heart always draws me to pop punk with bands such as Alkaline Trio and Blink 182 topping my iTunes most played.

Is there anything you can can tell us that not many people know about you?

It’s always nice to tell you something that few people know about me and this is a tough one given my openness, but, I did spend 6 months as a Cameleer in 2010 in Broome, Western Australia. An amazing experience, but not sure one I will relive (there are not many camels in Chicago!).

Any plans for the future?

I am looking forward to many more years ahead, leading Global Lingo to new record heights and into new global regions.