Employee profile of the month – Giulia Donelli

Tell us about your background

I was born in a very tiny village in the Italian Alps, but I have lived all my life in Venice. The actual island, just to be clear! Or “Venice Venice” as people tend to say. Due to that, whenever I went outside of Venice, people would treat me like some sort of mysterious person because everyone thinks people don’t actually live there. Well, we do…! There are schools, shops, everything you need – except cars of course!

What was it like growing up in Venice?

Growing up in Venice was great with my high-school flirts coming to pick me up after school in their boats 😊  I must confess that I have never learned how to drive a boat but it’s on my list and I’ll get there sooner or later.

Why the UK?

Living in London has always been my dream and I was very happy when I made it here after uni. I love travelling and exploring the world, learning new languages and all that comes with it. In fact, I am constantly planning for the next trip, whenever I can.

On a personal level, what are some of your interests?

When I am not at work, I’m either out with friends, doing some Zumba classes, cycling or watching a good film at home.