GLingo Bulletin - Kudos

Alina Cristea

The winner of this month’s Global Lingo kudos award is Alina Cristea. With three kudos, Alina made Melania’s and Denisa’s day easier, as well as going the extra mile for Florina.

Melania Dimisca

“Ever since Alina joined Global Lingo, she proved to be a fast learner and dedicated colleague. She’ll never hesitate to take tedious or challenging tasks to help out her colleagues. Although some clients might be difficult at times, Alina will always crack a joke (or more) to lighten up the four Mondays of the week until Friday.

Million thanks for helping us and making our days fun!”

Denisa Jacobsen

“It’s been such a fantastic journey and learning curve for me in the Cluj office of TIS! I have – in daily interactions – been supported in my learning process by the entire team, and at this point I’d like to single out Alina Cristea for effortlessly doing an awesome job on our assigned client, as well as the general ones! Here’s to her energy, precision, professionalism and team spirit! Well done!!”

Florina Negrescu

“During busy times Alina has proven to the whole team that she is truly a team player and her project management skills are amazing. In the past weeks she has taken over almost all General projects, even if she was busy with Kantar and the other assigned clients.

Alina, thank you for always being there for us and so helpful in busy times. Thank you for helping me with those “hideous” videos…haha. Having you on the team makes a huge difference.

I know things have definitely been crazy lately, but you’re crushing it and I just wanted to tell you how great you are.

Keep up with the amazing job!”

Congratulations, Alina. Please speak with Mara to collect your reward for being such an amazing colleague.