Upcoming company events

Our CSR programme will be starting this month and each regional team will be heading out to their respective charities. Make sure to get involved in your region and keep an out on our Social Media to see other regional efforts when we have some pictures.


Maggie's Centers - CSR

Maggie’s Centres

The London team at our Global HQ will be offering emotional support and companionship to Maggie’s, a charity that features support centres across a number of UK locations. This charity is aimed at providing support to people diagnosed with cancer and their families, who are also affected by this terrible disease.


Night Ministry - CSR

The Night Ministry

Global Lingo’s US team will be supporting the Night Ministry, a local charity in Chicago. The team will be buying, cooking and serving meals for vulnerable members of the Chicago community Sunday nights on a monthly basis.


Pulau Ubin - CSR

Pulau Ubin Cleanup

As an island Singapore suffers badly from littering, both from people and from the ocean. Just off Singapore is a smaller island called Pulau Ubin which is a haven for wildlife. Sadly, this picturesque spot often gets the worst of human littering from tourists and ocean littering from the tides. Therefore, our team will be visiting the island every month to help clear the waste that washes up.


See You - CSR

Cluj Hot Meal Programme

Our Romanian team in Cluj-Napoca are supporting a similar themed cause to the US team. They will be volunteering as a group each month to prepare hot food for up to 100 homeless or struggling local people.