Food Translation

Cluj CSR

On Friday, 22nd March, the Cluj team, represented by Georgiana, Bianca, Dan and Bogdan, joined the ‘O Masă Caldă’ programme in Cluj-Napoca on a crisp, sunny spring day. The team was perfectly focused and delivered above and beyond what had been requested. The coordinators on site were extremely helpful and even had great taste in music. The team prepped, cooked, cleaned and delivered hundreds of meals for those in need in just a few hours.

Georgiana mentioned, that she had hoped for a very long time that Global Lingo would be more present in the Romanian CSR environment and after having this great experience and helping people as best as they could, she’ll be the first one to sign up for all future activities.

“Seriously, count me in.”

Georgi wasn’t the only one blown away by the organisation and the day of volunteering. Bianca also commented that the lady in charge was very lovely and she kept telling the team that they were one of the best teams she’s had: very organized, fast and hard working.

“All in all, it was a great experience and I’d be happy to do it again anytime.”

Bogdan took a much deeper approach still:

“I think for me it was more about the people that the charity was comprised of, rather than the charitable acts themselves, and maybe even more so because I find it easy to peel onions, but not so easy to give. And giving unconditionally requires a special kind of dedication from a special type of people. Although at first, they seemed inconspicuous, unassuming even, but then, the more they started to reveal about themselves, the more I found them remarkable in more ways than I would have expected.”

From the coordinator of the charity who turned out to be the lead singer of a Jazz band (Edina Quartet) that had played at a well-known Romanian festival, to an elderly cleaning lady, who was volunteering, simply because she can. It was a humbling experience for our GLingos.

Even the main benefactor of the week provided a surprise, as he was a simple gentleman in a wheelchair, who didn’t have much himself but was happy to help as much as he could.

Aside from the good deed done, the team also bonded over the experience.

Georgi became designated DJ and confessed her pleasure about working together with other departments.

Dan was his determined self and eager to help, whilst Bianca was enthusiastic and happy to share some stories of her own.

Bogdan kindly documented this, every step of the way – thank you!

Overall, the takeaway was that one should only volunteer if he chooses to, not because he’s told.