1. We Quality Check EVERYTHING

Our translation project managers quality check each and every translation before they deliver it back to you. This includes checking page layouts, line endings and ensuring no sections have been left un-translated, plus a host of other last minute checks dependent on your needs. Most agencies don’t do this (we checked).

2. Linguists love working for Global Lingo

Not just because they get to work on your great projects, but also because we treat them like part of the team. Our project managers are in constant contact with them building relationships and taking care of them. So when you call us at 6pm on a Friday, we can normally still deliver to your tight deadlines.

3. Attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else

On average it takes five hours for one of our writers to transcribe one hour of audio to the standard we require before we send it on to you. This ensures that all your speakers will be correctly identified and any technical terms will be correctly used and in context.

4. Finest quality Asian translation and interpreting

Our Singapore office allows us to be able to handle all your requirements no matter where in the world you are. Singapore is the ideal location because it gives us a foothold in the Far East giving us access to the best Asian linguists available.

5. We have hidden talents!

Karl Eastwood, Global Lingo’s Finance Manager, used to be a Camel Herder in Australia and Andrew Trotter, our Founder and Managing Director, can play the piano by ear!