This Blog records a few of the tasks I have embarked on and achieved in my first week as an intern – a role which endeavours to expose and secure Global Lingo’s position as the go to people for language services.

Monday – New girl, always a daunting prospect


My first morning at Global Lingo Leeds was spent meeting all the staff and being introduced to the ins and outs of the company. What they seek to do and how they do it. Easy so far!

Then by the afternoon I’d introduced myself on Twitter and written my first Blog. The challenge was to find relevant language news or a topic to discuss and to then come to grips with software that would enable me to upload it to the Internet. A little more challenging!

Little did I know by the end of the day I would have contacted Oliver Moody the journalist whose article I examined in my Blog to see if he wanted to discuss it – and he did!

An exciting day!

Tuesday – Becoming ‘LinkedIn’

Today was spent familiarising myself with LinkedIn, a website which helps you engage with others in your professional network.

I was set the challenge to represent Global Lingo’s group which is used to promote the services we provide and present a platform potential clients can use to contact us. I was also given access to our sub group – Professional Transcribers which enables Global Lingo to connect with linguists and also for linguists to connect with each other.

Wednesday – No longer the newbie

Simone Zanetti arrived from Italy as part of the Erasmus Programme and we both had photos taken and biographies written for the company website. Unfortunately, there was no time to practice my best pose as I had a busy day ahead.

I spent the day sourcing something interesting to write-up in my second Blog. The prospect of writing something from scratch is still intimidating but practice makes perfect! I enjoyed discussing the rising trend of misused words in the English language and how our summarised transcription service ensures all these words are left out of your publication.

Thursday – Tweet, tweet

I did some initial reading into press releases so when I am faced to create one, I now already understand the basics. Picking up new skills already is excellent as I took on the internship to improve my aptitude, especially having the ability to write efficient press releases will be a valuable skill I can use in my career.

Every day at Global Lingo I also examine the news, taking in anything that will benefit the company and also passing on information on to the sales team. This provides them with knowledge for when approaching new clients. I’ve always enjoyed reading the news and keeping informed so this gives me the perfect opportunity.

Researching current affairs also lends material for Twitter. I can ‘tweet’ our followers insightful information, links about languages or just anything that’s interesting. Consolidating a lengthy piece of information into 140 characters though continues to be a challenge – a challenge I hope to conquer!

Friday – Expert Blogger (though not necessarily any speedier!)

Another task I have been set is to develop a list of journalistic contacts which will be used to develop relationships with relevant people who we can provide discussion on languages to and help promote our services.

I completed my third blog (yet to be published) which I thoroughly enjoyed, it discusses America’s relationship with Downton Abbey and Britain’s Edwardian lifestyle, highlighting how the UK and the US are culturally diverse, even though they share a language.