We are ISO9001:2008 certified and follow set procedures for quality management and corrective action.
We have a dedicated vendor management team, who source and review all prospective linguists, Writers, Editors and file engineers.

To become a Global Lingo Certified Translator all linguists are assessed based on language skills and specific sector experience. Following completion of each assignment, the quality of translation is graded based on customer feedback and an independent review. This information is stored on our database and updated after each project.

To become a Global Lingo Writer or Editor all successfully checked candidates are required to take a series of writing and editing tests as part of the recruitment process. Each new Writer and Editor is given in-house dedicated training, and subject to close quality monitoring on each assignment, the details of which are stored on our database and updated after each project.

We have an in-house editing team, which quality controls every document through audio editing, proof reading, research, checking client requirements, and delivery details.
Our Senior Leadership team is responsible for the quality of our processes, people, and procedures.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we:

  • Recruit, train and proactively develop the best staff;
  • Have dedicated Training and Development Managers in place;
  • Provide detailed feedback and assessment to ensure ongoing development of our resource base.

Global Lingo is committed to providing continuous professional development to all our staff. The quality of our continuous professional development schemes for all staff are externally monitored, reviewed, and verified during the annual review of our ISO 9001 certification.