At Global Lingo we use social media a lot. You’ll find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. We chat, engage and of course promote our translation, interpreting and transcription services. But, networking on the Internet is only so much use, things really start to happen when those virtual connections become really life connections.

So I tried a little experiment this morning.

I filtered my LinkedIn connections by Leeds and chose 10 people I had some form of connection to. Some I had met and worked with previously, some I have only talked to online and some I was connected to but never communicated with (you all have them).

No sales pitch

In the message I sent I explained that this was a little experiment, I had no agenda, slideshow, celebrity speaker or new product to launch. All I had was the offer of a great coffee (or non-caffeine drink) and some nice cakes. I just wanted to invite people who may or may not know each other and see if meeting would be helpful.

To my amazement all 10 agreed. So at around 10am on February 10th they arrived, introductions and a brief “this is what I do” took place. After that people chatted amongst themselves, tucked in to the cake and swigged coffee.

So what was the outcome?

Well at the moment, I have no idea. As people drifted back to their offices, they all said they’d enjoyed themselves, met some new people and maybe picked up an idea or two.

For me I enjoyed bringing people together, that’s a buzz. For Global Lingo? Well though none of the people from today may need translation, interpreting or transcription services immediately, they’ll hopefully remember their morning here if they do. And if in the future someone asks if they know where to get services like ours, hopefully they recommend us.

Will there be another coffee morning at Global Lingo?

Maybe, just maybe…