Up to now, I’ve been the only person in the Leeds office. As the Director of Marketing it’s not essential that I work from the London office. So I’ve kept in touch with the rest of the team using email, phone, messenger and the odd visit to the smoke via train.

Working this way is great for me and the rest of the company, there really is no physical reason for me to be in the London office.

However, things are changing up in the Leeds office. As of next week I’ll no longer be alone up here. On Thursday I move into new offices near the Leeds University and on Monday I’m joined by two new people (details to be revealed).

This is a great advance for Global Lingo. Leeds is a great city with loads of activity, so Global Lingo expanding here is a fantastic way for the company to expand in the north as well as maintaining our levels of service and quality in London.

Exciting times are coming.

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