Professional legal translations help businesses avoid some pretty serious consequences, yet there are still businesses that opt out of using a certified legal translation company to ensure their legal documents are translated in compliance with the relevant requirements.

So, why is professional legal translation so important for your business?

  • Poor translation can lose the nuance of a legal document (e.g. one which is aiming to persuade the reader)
  • Meaning can be entirely skewed in translation, especially when words which are spelled the same can have two separate meanings (e.g. “execute” can mean to carry out a task to plan, or to carry out a death sentence – two points you don’t want to get mixed up!)
  • Incorrect translation can make evidence inadmissible in court, leading to wrongful convictions or losing a case

Of course, there are lots of ways that incorrect legal translation can trip you up, not just the ones listed above. Luckily, at Global Lingo, we’re here to help you navigate your professional legal translation needs.

Transcript Translations

Receiving accurate and efficient translation of court transcripts is vital to the running of smooth legal operations in any international business. Whether you need a transcription of a tribunal case for an employee whose first language is not English, or your business is involved in a larger legal case, at Global Lingo we pride ourselves on fast, accurate provision of certified transcript translations to make the entire legal process easier for you and your business.

Sworn or Notarized Translations

Failure to provide sworn or notarized documentation on request of the government or courts can result in lengthy delays for businesses that cannot rely on professional services with sworn or notarized translators.

At Global Lingo, our certified translators can provide sworn or notarized translations of all your legal documents or face-to-face interpretations. These are usually done when your translations need to be provided for governmental reasons and we can provide you with sworn or notarized translations with the correct requirements for any localized governmental regulations.

Professional Certified Translators

When businesses need certified legal translations, poor do-it-yourself translation just won’t cut it, and will end up costing a business more in time and money in the long run. When it comes to legal translators, you need to find someone you can trust who can turn a project around in a reasonable amount of time.

Our dedicated project managers are specialists in legal workflows, both for in-house counsel and large law firms. These project managers work hand in hand with legal linguists and expert legal translators to provide official and accurate translations.

All of our legal linguistics experts have passed government-standard background and security checks, allowing us to guarantee that our reliable legal translation services are of the highest quality.

Secure Online Translation Services

Today’s multinational and multilingual companies will need to host their legal documents on a safe and secure platform that is optimized for regulatory compliance and meets ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and ISO 27001 information security standards.

Luckily, our GloZone portal is secure enough for any of your legal documents and data, while also allowing you to monitor and track all of your language requirements. With GloZone, your business can centralize teams based in different locations, and streamline all processes across your organisation. Global Lingo’s latest integration with Relativity also allows you to directly send translation requests from your Relativity platform to GloZone, mitigating duplication in two systems and improving workflows.

Global Lingo’s Professional Legal Translation

If you have legal documents that need to be translated, don’t rely on subpar translators to do the job for you. The consequences of poorly translated legal documents come at a high price, but Global Lingo’s legal translation service doesn’t!

To find out more about how our certified translation services can work for your legal documents, check out our case studies from international law firm Milbank and London-based law firm Mishcon de Reya.