Service overview

Over the past decade, Global Lingo has consolidated its position as the leading provider of minute-taking and transcription services locally and internationally. Anywhere in the world, any time of day, we can provide on-site or remote minute takers to attend and produce high-quality, well-written and objective summaries of your meeting – no matter how complex or technical and on any turnaround required.

Minute-taking for meetings

Our dedicated writers are highly skilled and experienced in producing minutes and summary-style documents for a broad range of sectors, many of them having specialized in particular types of meetings or industry sectors.

Whatever the purpose of the minutes, our impartial services aim to deliver significant operational and cost efficiencies to your organization, as well as an end product which is a comprehensive, accurate yet concise account of your meeting.

Service features and benefits

  • Provision of minute-taking services locally and internationally for a wide variety of internal and external meeting types with a flexible approach to timings and budget
    • Dial in
    • On site
    • From audio
  • Training and ongoing development of all minute-takers is managed in-house by our Quality Management team. This ensures consistently high quality of writing, clear presentation and accuracy of content, no matter the topic of your meeting
  • ISO 9001 certified 3-stage quality assurance process:
    • Draft minutes are produced
    • 2nd professional writer edits and proofreads minutes, checking accuracy of content, grammar and more.
    • Further round of quality checks (spelling, numeric data, key terminology, correct spelling of names/attendees, formatting and presentation)
  • Security
    • All processes are run in accordance with ISO 27001 for information security management
    • Security checks to UK Government BPSS standards or local market equivalent standard
    • Secure, encrypted hardware used for dial-in and on-site meetings
    • Secure processing and storage of sensitive and confidential client data using GloZone


A dedicated Project Management team as a single point of contact, experienced in all minute-taking solutions, is on hand globally to ensure dedicated minute-takers are selected for client and meeting type. The minute-taking process consists of three stages, with minutes being produced by a first writer, before a second writer proofreads and edits the document, checking grammar, punctuation and style. This is followed by a round of quality checks for spelling, formatting and adherence to any specific instructions.

A final quality check and proofread is conducted by the Project Manager prior to delivery, with any additional feedback collated. Customer satisfaction is monitored on an ongoing basis through this approach, and any issues can be flagged and improved upon for future projects. This process is supported through our ISO certified quality assurance process, allowing us to consistently deliver high-quality outputs.

The minute-taking process is managed end to end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal, which centralizes all operations, regardless of time zone and location.

If you feel a transcript would be more useful or you wish to understand the difference between a transcript and meeting minutes, please visit our transcription services page.

Visit our HSBC case study to view an example of our Minute-taking work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business.

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