We offer remote interpretation for events of any size (webinars, conference calls,
webcasts, seminars, workshops, sales meetings and large conferences).

We can meet all types of remote interpreting requirements:

  • Real time (simultaneous)
  • Consecutive Liaison

Partnership with Interprefy AG

Through our dedicated technology partner, Interprefy AG, we can also provide a premium cloud-based platform using advanced communication technology, for audio and video remote interpreting of conferences, meetings and events. Interprefy revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by using standard IT equipment instead of specialized hardware. Interpreters work remotely, and the audience hear their crystal-clear voices through smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Information security guaranteed

  • 128-bit encryption across all communication streams
  • Full bandwidth audio and high-quality video, with very low latency
  • Custom log in required for access to each event
  • Confidentiality agreements in place
  • Technical support before and during the event to ensure high quality and reliability

Web conferencing Providers

  • If you are a web conferencing provider requiring multi-lingual communication support, we can provide real time simultaneous interpretation via our secure VoIP platform, which can connect to your web conferencing platform
  • This provides security, guaranteed connectivity, and no need for additional software or platforms to plug into your web conferencing solution
  • Participants can log on as usual, and hear the seamless interpretation in whichever language they require

Advantages of remote interpretation services

  • Interpreters are located remotely which increases flexibility – particularly for last minute language requirements
  • Increased flexibility on pricing models – no longer tied into full day conference interpreting fees for shorter, ad hoc meetings
  • Times, resources and costs for renting, transporting and installing interpretation equipment are eliminated, meaning no travel and accommodation costs

Our Clients