08 October 2019, London – A few weeks ago, Global Lingo’s Global Operations Director, Sarah Radford, was appointed council member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

The ATC is the UK authority for translation companies. It is governed by the ATC Council, which consists of 15 elected council members, and the ATC CEO and Secretariat. The Association works to define standards of excellence in the industry and its members operate to a comprehensive Code of Conduct to ensure clients are provided with the highest quality services. Joining the ATC gives members access to a network of forward-thinking language professionals.

For Sarah personally this means a lot, having grown up in the localization industry; she graduated with a MA in Translation & Linguistics in 2006, and embarked on a career which has brought her to her current role as Global Operations Director at Global Lingo.

“Joining the Council is such an amazing opportunity for me to contribute to the ATC’s work in promoting and regulating quality driven language industry standards and best practice. To support members for growth in this industry, contribute to the ATC’s ISO work, and influence the direction of the language industry as a whole is hugely valuable, and also comes at a time when language learning is declining, and government recognition of the languages skills play in a successful economy is crucial.  I am really looking forward to it!”, comments Sarah.

Sarah’s appointment came just ahead of The Language Industry Summit which took place in Greenwich on 19th and 20th September 2019. It was a hugely engaging event with inspiring speakers and discussions.

“We were given a preview of the ATC Industry Report, which has now been released. It sets out the landscape of the language services industry in the UK, as well as highlighting the crucial role that language services will play in the UK’s international future.”, Sarah explains.

About the ATC

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC), was founded in 1976 by leading translation companies to create recognition and trust among stakeholders by promoting and regulating quality driven language industry standards and best practice.

The ATC authors the unique annual UK Language Services Market Report and hosts the sector’s flagship event, the Language Industry Summit.  As it strives to drive the highest professional standards, the ATC has also developed an ISO Certification Service for members. ATC members represent a cross-section of Language Service Providers (LSPs) across the UK.


About Global Lingo

Global Lingo partners with organizations around the world in delivering fluent communications to internal and external audiences, ensuring that their content is accurate, consistent, and culturally relevant in multiple languages. Using an integrated content management platform, Global Lingo protects the security of the information and supports all English and non-English language needs.

From documenting confidential HR meetings (in summary or verbatim form); professionally minuting Board Meetings; transcribing, translating and subtitling webcasts, conference calls and live presentations; engineering and translating digital Learning programs; analyzing language for litigation and arbitration cases and localizing international marketing and PR material – Global Lingo ensures that communication delivers the right impact in its chosen language.

Global Lingo’s content expertise spans all industries including finance and banking, Learning and Development, Legal, PR and Market Research, Telecoms and web-conferencing, and all levels of government and intergovernmental agency.

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