Project Description

Global Distribution

One of North America’s leading distributors of industrial supplies and safety products, the company offers a huge selection of over 1.5 million products from thousands of trusted suppliers to millions of customers.


  • The client has a range of teams requiring translation services to support their global business operations.
    • The Corporate Communications team communicates with a very diverse group of worldwide employees. As company-wide messages are distributed to team members globally, the team requires accurate and quality translations in multiple languages to ensure clear consistent messaging regarding enterprise-wide initiatives and business changes is received globally.
    • Outside this team, the Legal, Compliance, HR, L&D, Marketing, Operations and Export teams all opted to improve translations and language services with help from Global Lingo.
  • The need for a partner who could offer a 24/7 service and high responsiveness to requests drove the decision to work with Global Lingo.
  • Another key consideration was the ability to use Global Lingo’s secure centralized platform, GloZone, through which requests can be made and tracked, with reports available on demand.
  • Quality and the range of language services offered were vital, as the client required everything from website localization and eLearning course translations, to interpreting and captioning for live events.
    • Content for any one project may be required in 15+ languages.

Approach / Solution

  • Global Lingo met with the client and agreed to set up a group of entities on the secure management platform, GloZone. These entities could all request projects in the same manner, but could each be given different access levels depending on their requirements.
  • A bespoke booking form was created for the client to ensure they could include their cost centers and purchase order numbers on project requests to avoid a build-up of finance and invoicing issues post-delivery.
  • Global Lingo committed to a 24/7 service with a 2-hour response SLA, utilizing all regional teams to cover services around the clock and introducing single points of contact through bespoke email distribution groups and a dedicated Project Manager locally in Chicago.


  • Relevancy of global communication was improved, due to Global Lingo’s quality of language and customer service.
  • Response times are prompt and the team trust Global Lingo to handle anything they need that has a translation requirement.
  • Global Lingo have been a contracted partner for over 12 months.
    • 72 different projects have been managed in the first year and almost every service offered has been utilized – TEP, Captioning, Subtitling, eLearning Localization, etc.

“Global Lingo has been a responsive and thoughtful partner as we aim to reach team members in the language of their choice. The service has been personal and prompt, with an eye on quality, and this has helped us have more effective processes.”

Client, Global Distributor