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Language technology

By |15th May, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

Global Lingo is a technology-orientated organisation. What do we mean by this? We are a company working with the latest language technologies to provide the best level of service possible at the best possible speed. How do we do this? In January 2019, our Senior Localisation Project Manager, Antonino Polizzi, transitioned into the role of Global Software Implementation and Training Manager. One project he is leading is to expand the features of our cloud-based [...]

Singapore -travel diaries

By |15th May, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

The first thing to hit me was the heat, like a great wave that rolled over me as I exited through the doors of Changi Airport on what would have been a crisp September morning back home. It was only then that I fully realized the magnitude of what I was doing, and just how different Singapore was going to be from my life in the UK – at that point, the only life [...]

CSR program 2019

By |25th March, 2019|Categories: Community Work, Featured, News, Newsletters|

We are launching our first official Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program this year. As a growing business, we feel that 2019 is the right time to step up beyond the ad hoc fundraising events of years past. Above all, we want to offer ongoing and sustained support to charitable organisations in each of our office locations globally. Our global teams helped shape this program and feedback highlighted that they wanted to feel involved and [...]

Global Lingo announces new Chief Operating Officer

By |18th March, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

18th March 2019, London We are pleased to announce that Karl Eastwood has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Global Lingo. This internal promotion was a result of a company restructure that occurred at the beginning of this year, sparked by CEO Mark William’s departure at the end of 2018. Andrew Trotter, Chairman of Global Lingo comments: "Promoting Karl to COO was a natural progression for someone who has been an increasingly invaluable and [...]

How to train yourself to become a speed reader

By |2nd January, 2019|Categories: News|

What is speed reading? Speed reading is a method of reading through text material rapidly. Learning speed reading helps you identify, comprehend and retain important words or key parts in a sentence. The average rate most people read at allows them to process 250 words per minute (WPM). Who might benefit from it? Transcribers convert live speech and audio-recorded material into readable content. This is a beneficial service for many [...]