“While the pace of recovery varies by region, we expect continued strength in leisure demand and further upticks in business travel to drive continued resurgence in the back half of the year.” – Christopher Nassetta, CEO, Hilton

Language Services and Travel & Tourism Go Hand in Hand

Thanks in great part to the growth of budget airlines coupled with globalization, traveling has certainly become an international affair. Whether for business, necessity, or pleasure, travelers worldwide have taken to the open skies — and the open road — for decades. In fact, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO), ‘[i]n 1950 there were 25m international tourist visits, rising to 166m in 1970, and 435m in 1990’.1 By 2018, this number skyrocketed to 1.4 billion. With travel becoming increasingly more accessible throughout the world, leaders in the travel and tourism industry now have a greater challenge connecting with linguistically and culturally diverse customers. It is no wonder, then, that many have partnered with third-party agencies such as language services providers (LSPs) to improve the customer experience.

Traveling at any time often requires asking for directions, ordering food, and requesting hotel accommodations. And, when traveling for business, it can also involve communicating with industry conference speakers and attendees. But what happens if those with whom you must communicate don’t speak your language or don’t speak it well? When airlines, hotels, and international conference organizers partner with LSPs seasoned in travel and tourism, they create an inclusive experience for all their guests. Although the travel and tourism industry has suffered since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is promising research indicating we are on the threshold of a gradual recovery. Now is an optimal time to partner with trusted LSPs.      

International Travel and Tourism — Hope is on the Horizon

Although the global travel and tourism industry isn’t expected to fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until at least 2023, hope is on the horizon. ‘Increasing vaccination rates, reopening economies and borders, gradual easing of restrictions within the EU, and pent-up travel demand are expected to help hotel operators like Hilton and Marriott International… reach occupancy rates similar to pre-pandemic levels in the coming quarters’.1 

As Christopher Nassetta, President and CEO of Hilton states, ‘While the pace of recovery varies by region, we expect continued strength in leisure demand and further upticks in business travel to drive continued resurgence in the back half of the year’.2 However, now more than ever before, your customers require reassurances. They want to know that airlines, hotels, and restaurants have their best interest in mind. As McKinsey & Company so aptly puts it, ‘if even one pain point in the customer journey is not satisfactorily resolved, the entire perception of a travel company can be degraded. The industry needs to make sure that processes are smooth for reopening and that adequate assistance is available for [travelers] to help them adapt to new ways of [traveling]’.3 

As travel restrictions relax and borders reopen, what have you done to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Have you updated your safety protocols, for instance? Have you introduced flexible pricing, flight change, and/or cancellation options to improve the entire customer journey? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, how have you communicated these improvements to your customers? Now is the time to collaborate with LSPs well-versed in the travel and tourism industry to help you better connect with your international travelers. As the industry begins to recover, Global Lingo will remain one such LSP, strategically positioned to provide specialized language services for the travel and tourism industry.  

Global Lingo — Turnkey Language Services for Travel and Tourism

From marketing and communications to HR, health and safety, legal and compliance, Global Lingo offers bespoke language services for the travel and tourism industry. Our dedicated project and account teams, along with our travel language translators bring you world-class expertise and quick turnarounds in the field of travel and tourism. But we don’t stop there. Should you require website translation and localization services, Global Lingo’s talented linguists, advanced technology, and API integration allow us to facilitate real-time content updates across multiple languages. Having had successful partnerships with some of the largest multinational hospitality companies and franchises in the world, Global Lingo offers turnkey language services for the travel and tourism industry. 

No matter how complex your language needs and no matter how time-sensitive, Global Lingo has the solutions. As travel and tourism returns to pre-pandemic levels, make connecting with your international customers a priority. Partner with Global Lingo today.


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