Legal translation services overview

What is legal translation? Simply put, legal translation or legal service translation is the translation of texts and documents within the field of law. Of course, because the system of law varies across different countries and cultures, legal translation is not linguistically straightforward and requires a high degree of skill and dedication.

Because the majority of legal text is highly specific and technical, there’s often a need for professional legal translation services. Experienced translators can accurately translate the rights and duties documented in one text, while considering the legal system of the source text. Aside from translating language itself, legal translators must also be aware of textual conventions and colloquialisms in the source text, ensuring that they thoroughly understand the social and cultural structure of the language and translate legal documents accordingly. We at Global Lingo offer our clients a highly specialized legal interpreting and translation process, so you can leave the difficult work up to us.

Special Nature of Legal Translation and Transcription

All legal translation agencies know that there’s nothing more important than confidentiality and certified accuracy. We fully respect the sensitivity and privacy of the content we translate or transcribe, only using our own specialist translators with subject expertise. Our experienced and certified pool of legal translators delivers accurate and culturally relevant translations within an excellent time frame.

Legal industry translation and legal transcription is all about understanding the complexities of the field, and having the cultural and linguistic savvy to translate for the right target audience. But here a Global Lingo, we go beyond average translation services. Not only do we offer legal document translation in over 150 languages and provide legal transcription services, but we also do legal interpreting (both simultaneous and consecutive), minute taking, and much more.

With Global Lingo’s ISO 27001 certification, we guarantee complete confidentiality in our legal translation using precise internal data security protocols and end-to-end encryption. Our experienced Project Managers provide specialized support services for the most complex of legal projects. Global Lingo has experience working with lawyers, paralegals, in-house counsel and legal support teams. Our linguists are certified in the legal industry and understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness and privacy.

Legal translation services and benefits

We offer a broad selection of relevant legal interpretation and translation services to ensure that your experience with Global Lingo is nothing short of perfect.

  • Legal translation services:
    • Client-facing legal document translations for official use and optimum accuracy
    • Translation for information purposes in over 150 languages
    • We offer a highly flexible service, with our project and account management working hard around the clock within strategically located global offices and teams
  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, both in court or over the phone
  • Machine translation for large amounts of e-discovery content, allowing for very high volumes to be auto-translated for information within a short time frame. Decision for further post-editing of content can be based on this.
  • Transcription, in person or via digital attendance
  • Minute-taking services for meetings
  • Training and e-learning localization for company-wide internal procedures

Approach to Legal Translation and Legal Transcription

Global lingo offers solutions for:

  • litigation materials
  • IP patents and trademarks
  • compliance documents
  • financial asset management
  • M&A documents
  • And more!

Our dedicated project managers are specialized in the legal workflows of both larger law firms and in-house counsel. Together with specialized legal linguists, such as expert legal translators, who have passed our government-standard background and security checks, this forms the basis of our high-quality legal translation services.

For official processes, Global Lingo can also provide sworn or notarized translations. In addition to our legal expertise we also boast the ability of fast turnaround times with our 24-hour service window divided among our global offices. Aside from translation, our legal language services also extend to interpreters and expertly synced voice-overs and subtitles to support vital training multimedia.

Alongside these many legal translation and legal language services, we also offer free use of our online client platform, GloZone, for protected file transfers, live reviews and data storage. All of this is maintained by our quality-driven internal processes, compliant with our ISO 9001 certification.

Visit our Mishcon de Reya and Milbank case studies to view examples of our legal translation services and discover the advantages a specialized and certified supplier can bring to your business.

Wave goodbye to subpar legal translation agencies and average legal interpreting. Contact us for a free consultation and further information or request a quote via the button below.

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