Financial translation services overview

As globalization has opened up a plethora of new markets and opportunities, the need for professional financial translation is higher than ever. Financial translation services provide reliable and accurately translated documents for banking, investment and insurance industries. Of course, financial language and structure varies across different countries and cultures. From balance sheets, to cash flow statements, to government tax reports – all of these financial documents follow varying formats around the world. Different countries abide by different financial guidelines in relation to a number of factors such as formatting, numbers and specific technical terminology. So, it’s very important that the financial translator not only knows how to translate financial terms but also understands the specifics of each country’s financial language and culture.

Global Lingo’s team of expert financial translators are highly skilled in translating confidential, financial documents and recognizing the many complex variances involved in producing secure translation. We provide a full end-to-end solution for financial translation clients through a strong team of translators and project managers.

Security in the finance industry

The financial services industry is highly regulated, with security and data handling being an imperative part of the field. Concerned with the allocation of assets and liabilities over time, the sector comprises a broad range of industries. From banks (investment, private, retail and more), to investment companies, to insurance companies, to trading firms – the list of industries goes on and on.

Handling important and sensitive information with precision and discretion is what sets Global Lingo apart from other financial translation services. As a leading global organisation with outstanding reviews, we are ISO 27001 certified  and have stringent information security processes in place to protect our clients’ data and content, whether producing summaries from quarterly results, translating KIIDs and prospectuses, or localisation of a global training program on compliance.

Financial Services And Benefits

We work hard with multiple departments to offer a broad range of services, benefits and financial translation services. These include:

  • Marketing and communications: Global Lingo offer translation services, desktop publishing (DTP), and linguistic sign-off (LSO).
  • Legal and compliance: We offer translation, DTP, LSO (including translation for the information purposes of legal content review).
  • Investor relations: We succeed in completing large translation projects involving annual reports, DTP and LSO. We also include minute-taking at board or investor meetings in our services.
  • Learning and development: Global Lingo offer eLearning course and training material localisation.
  • HR and employee relations: We offer minute-taking and transcription services for confidential internal meetings, such as grievances and disciplinary hearings.

Approach to Financial Translation

Global Lingo provides a full end-to-end solution for financial services clients, covering all language services required by any department. With a dedicated and experienced project manager always on hand to cover complex and pressing issues, our clients always have a single point of contact, which ensures that any concerns or additions to projects can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We only use specialized linguists who are subject matter experts. This ensures that we can deliver high-quality translations and content, using the most appropriate terminology, phrases and industry buzzwords. Along with our ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management, this ensures Global Lingo produces consistently high-quality and accurate translations.

Global Lingo is ISO 27001 (information security) certified. This ensures that all data and content is handled with strict security measures in places, with full encryption end-to-end.

To give clients added control and oversight, we have a dedicated translation management tool, allowing for online or offline translation review. This is integrated into our client portal where requirements can be managed, and reports viewed.

To see how we can help you with financial services translation, localisation, transcription, interpreting and additional services, visit our HSBC case study to view how other organisations are already profiting from a global supplier.

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