eConferencing industry overview

In the modern world, businesses and employees both expect to communicate globally within their teams at the click of a button and often have the need for effective conference translation services. Unified communications, webcasts, eMeetings and video conferencing are the most common ways to describe this. Audio and video events in support of corporate meetings, investor relations presentations and global town hall reports require linguistic support to transmit messaging quickly across a range of languages. Global Lingo has specialized in that exact support of the conferencing and events sector for 10+ years. Our conference translation services are exceptional.

Relevant Services and benefits


We offer in-person and remote interpreting for live webcasts, eMeetings and video conferencing. We translate video conferencing to ensure that all information is communicated accurately and clearly during important events.

Live captioning services

We offer bespoke English & foreign transcription, subtitling, and live captioning services for web events. These connect people closely with the visual content they are exposed to, ensuring optimum user engagement and communication across teams.

Video conferencing translation services

We translate video conferencing to ensure that all information is communicated accurately and clearly during important conferences, eMeetings and live webcasts.

Presentation translation services

We provide presentation translation services by localizing presentations, white papers and investor reports with dedicated expertise.

Minute-taking and summary writing

Minute-taking is often an important part of big online events. So, if you need to document your online meeting, we’ll be happy to take minutes or even write up a summary after.


We offer a personal approach to working with our clients. We have dedicated account teams and Project Managers, located in-region, who specialize in event workflow and conferencing of any type.

As turnaround times are key for unified communications, webcasts, eMeetings, video conferencing and event attendees, we have teams working globally in various time zones to ensure that projects are managed continuously, and post-event transcripts shared as fast as possible.

We have longstanding sector experience, having covered tens of thousands of audio and web meetings since 2006. This ensures we are familiar with the required preparation, live skills and end-to-end delivery processes.

In addition to this, we provide free access and use of GloZone, our client portal, to pre-book webcasts, eMeetings, video conferencing and events ahead of time, to ensure no last-minute concerns.

Visit our West UC case study to view an example of our Webcasts, eMeetings and video conferencing work, and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business.

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