How meetings, events and conferences have changed in 2020.

With restrictions put in place worldwide due to Covid-19; 2020 saw the exponential growth of video conferencing services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts plus a myriad of others. Zoom specifically saw over a 2900% growth in daily video conference participants between December 2019 and April 2020.


Many large-scale events and conferences planned in 2020 have had to migrate online to become virtual events and businesses are now using online video conferencing services as well as traditional streaming platforms to host these large-scale virtual events. Many of these events are global and therefore will require interpreting into the local languages of the attendees.  

Who’s presenting online in 2020?

After this year’s E3 was canceled with all major developers looking to showcase new products and services; many found themselves having to present to a global audience virtually, with the need of remote interpreters to translate each event to a variety of different audiences. 


Of course, the gaming industry wasn’t the only one who had to adapt to online streaming showcases. Apple has recently announced their virtual event for the iPhone 12 launch for September 15th. This year’s DevLearn, an annual development and learning program which is shaping what’s next for learning, taking place October 19th-30th, has also gone virtual with over 125 live sessions accessible online.  

How are these companies getting through to a global audience?

Each of these events, and many others with a global audience, all need to provide interpretation for audiences across the world. Global Lingo can provide such services with over 6,000 linguists and the ability to interpret in every language an event organizer may require. We do this all through online remote interpretation. 

What is remote interpretation?

Remote interpretation works by enabling interpreters to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and event participants can simply connect and listen to the speaker in their chosen language. This allows for greater flexibility, less admin, less complexity and reduced costs, all without compromising on the quality of interpreting. 

How can Global Lingo help your business online?

Global Lingo can provide interpreters from across the globe with amazing language skills, specialty subject knowledge, cultural competence and the soft skills needed to connect with a wide range of people, making the experience as comfortable as possible for the listener. 


Each of Global Lingo’s interpreters have an exhaustive grasp of the language they interpret. On top of their firm language skills our translators also specialize in a specific industry, ensuring they have specialized knowledge of the requested subject field, which ensures they can quickly and confidently translate the necessary vocabulary whether it’s for business, entertainment, legal, financial, or any other specific field.  

The Importance of having the right interpreter

While it may be obvious that language skills are an important asset for any interpreter to have, there are a myriad of other skills to make up a great interpreter that Global Lingo can guarantee with our vetted and certified team.


Specialty Knowledge is key to ensure a smooth coherent interpretation without disruptions. Each interpreter may work in a specialty field such as healthcare, legal, science, business, etc. Having experience in the relevant field ensures the interpreter has the needed vocabulary and won’t have to look up words or phrases the speaker is using.


Accreditation not only instills customer confidence by showing that the interpreter is fluent in the required language but has also undergone the necessary training and acquired the skills, codes and ethics used by interpreters. Meaning they are less likely to make mistakes on the job.


Cultural Competence shows the interpreter not only has a grasp of multiple languages but has an understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the languages culture. Ensuring they are able to detect nonverbal cues or customs specific to a particular geographical location, helping convey what the speaker is saying.


Listening is half the job when it comes to interpretation and our interpreters are not only great speakers but are great listeners too. It is important for the interpreter to make the job as comfortable for both the speaker and the audience as possible and having the ability to connect with a wide range of people wanting to listen is a must. Being an empathetic listener is just as important so that the correct tone is carried with the interpretation.

The different types of remote Interpreting services

Simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter listens to the speaker and provides an accurate translation, simultaneously to the ongoing discourse, in the required language. This is perfect for public announcements, product launches and demonstrations.  


Consecutive interpreting where the speaker stops after 2-6 minutes to allow the interpreter to translate the message. More commonly used for meetings with a lower number of attendees or in court. Knowledge of the legal implications plays an important role in conveying the message from one speaker to another. 

Can Global Lingo help me?

The Global Lingo team are happy to help you overcome the difficulty of finding the right interpreter, as you grow your business online in 2020’s socially distancing world. Our specialists are experts in their field and able to tackle the nuances needed in order to deliver a smooth and confident interpretation of your event, meeting, seminar, conference or whatever the virtual occasion – no matter the requested language.  


With this global pandemic affecting every single country, and creating new problems for businesses to overcome, be at ease knowing that Global-Lingo has your back when it comes to remote interpretation.