What are the benefits of translation memory?

FAQs What are the benefits of translation memory?

What are the benefits of translation memory?

  • Consistency of content
  • Avoidance of repetitive translation. The same sentence never needs to be translated twice.
  • Building and leveraging a linguistic database for the benefit of employee
  • Different company departments get to reap the benefit of core content already translated.
  • Improvement in project turnaround time
  • Matches between a new project and translation memory avoids time taken to re-translate content.
  • Cost savings
  • Repeated text, whether a ‘fuzzy’ match or a 100% match, is charged at a reduced rate.
  • Quality of translated content
  • Content stored within the translation memory can be updated and improved to reflect tone and context.
  • The effectiveness of translation memory proportionately increases with the number of projects and the length of time you work with Global Lingo. The more projects you put through translation memory the greater the number of content matches, and the larger the cost saving.
  • Translation memory is not machine translation!
  • All our translators are certified, highly qualified and experienced linguists. They use translation memory software as a tool to improve the quality and consistency of translation. All projects regardless of matching content are always given an ‘in-context’ review by the translator, in addition to the literal check. Machine translation, although providing a basic literal translation, has no concept of context and no ability to structure flowing communication that reads well.
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