Frosso Skoteinioti

My name is Frosso Skoteinioti and I joined Global Lingo in August this year, working currently as Acting Global Head of Translation and Interpreting Services.  I am very happy to be working with such a talented global team and am looking forward to all the things we will achieve.

I am half Greek half Cypriot but have been in the UK for 14 years and am internally clearly experiencing an identity shift! I am a linguist at heart, having completed my degree in English Language and then obtained my MA in Business Translation with Interpreting – both in the UK. I am the kind of person that will shamelessly point out the difference between “your” and “you’re”, “their” and “they’re” if they are being misused 😊

Outside of correcting people’s grammar and spelling, I have studied several alternative therapies such as Reiki, crystal therapy and hypnotherapy, among others. Growing up in Cyprus and Greece, I have a deep love for the sea and will pass no opportunity for a beach holiday which allows me to indulge in my newly-found love for scuba diving. When I am not chasing translators, meditating, or putting on my scuba gear, you can find me lifting heavy weights at the gym. I am currently undertaking Strongwoman training and am hoping to enter a competition in 2019.

Adam Moore

My name is Adam Moore and I joined Global Lingo in July as Business Development Director. I have worked in the industry for nearly 10 years and am really enjoying being part of the Global Lingo team here in London.

Being from Essex, I have just about mastered the English language and can speak some “Spanglish” when needed. I now live in Borough Green in Kent with my girlfriend (who actually speaks German).  We both really love our house and enjoy spending time working on our lovely garden together when we can, which is something I thought I would never like…

Outside of work I am an avid golfer and enjoy playing, watching and talking about golf whenever I can. My handicap is currently 10, and my aim is to try and get down into single figures in the next few years. Some would say I have an unhealthy obsession with Tiger Woods, and he is certainly an idol of mine. I also support West Ham United but people shouldn’t hold this against me.

I love my holidays and travelling to new places. It was my birthday in November, so my girlfriend and I headed off to Dubai to celebrate!