Tuesday saw the day the number of twitter users hit 10 million in the UK. The UK is now the fourth largest country for Twitter users worldwide behind the US, Brazil and Japan.

Figures were released in sync with the celebration of their offices’ first year of operations in the UK. The social networking site was established in 2006 and has since continued to grow and take over the social networking world.

Twitter the new home of search?

Twitter is fast becoming the largest platform in the (short) history of social networking. With 1.6 billion, yes billion search queries a day Twitter is becoming the people’s go-to network for answers, giving the might of Google a run for its money.

With this in mind, it only makes sense that businesses actively use Twitter and here’s why.

Eight Reasons why Twitter is good for business

  1. It’s free: Twitter is a completely free communications tool. It enables you to engage and communicate with stakeholders, advertise, promote, market…
  2. Twitter never sleeps: Its to the second refreshed stream presents everything in real-time. News updates are to the second so if something happens; you’ll be the first to hear about it.
  3. It’s Simple: It’s simple and easy to use, signing up takes a few minutes and it takes seconds for the search engine to present its findings.
  4. Network Building: The “follow” tool enables you to follow whoever you like enabling you to monitor the news, competitor’s movements and potential customers but most importantly you can follow people who can help your business grow. People who you follow will follow others and so on. Exposing you and your business to more and more people, making it easier than ever to build up your network.
  5. Faster than the speed of light: With an estimated 340 million tweets a day, it is the largest online social networking site to date.
  6. It’s a bridge: Twitter enables people from all over the world to communicate in real-time; it acts as a bridge to international, overseas fellow tweeters. Expanding your businesses reach and gaining brand awareness where you never thought you could.
  7. The power of the hash tag: The hash tag enables users to identify trends and topics making it easier to establish what everyone is talking about.
  8. It’s Accessible: Recent figures show that 55% of twitter users in the world access it via Smartphone, more interestingly 80% of UK users access Twitter via their Smartphone making Twitter accessible on the go.

Is Twitter a newspaper killer?

In the UK the combined total of people who buy daily national newspapers is 9,002,963, a figure that has recently been exceeded by the number of Twitter users.

Is your business on twitter?

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