I’m a really big fan of Dr Who – every Saturday the house goes silent as the whole family sits down and escapes in time and space with the Doctor and his companions. So, when I found a Dr. Who Gallifreyan translator I was very excited.

Gallifrey is the Doctor’s long destroyed home planet, once the home of the Time Lords. Like most science fiction, Dr Who has millions of enthusiastic fans; some take their love of the programme further than just watching and hone in on the details.

Via Google+ I came across a blog site called Sherman’s Planet, where the elusive Sherman (I presume) has spent a lot of time creating a Gallifreyan translator. The rules of syntax and punctuation are like nothing you’ve ever seen, and there’s apparently an issue with the letter C, you need to substitute a K or S depending on the phonetic sound of the word you want.

I’ve translated the names of all the Global Lingo staff so you can get an idea of how the language looks. If you’re really keen, the software to create your own translation is on the site as is an explanation of how the Galiffreyan language works.

I’ve purposely not given an English equivalent of the translation at the top of the page. Can you translate it? Leave your answer in the comments section.

Andrew Trotter

Richard Michie

Paul Green

Samantha Trott

Karl Eastwood

Jonny Bates

Amelie Drouin

Everita Baure

Paul Fisker

Alex Cadby

Julie Clark

Adeline Loh

Kenny Ang

Flaviu Ciui
Diana Lupu
Diana Lupu

Andras Papai

Tunde Balint