There are a proliferation of translation services at the moment offering really low prices for translation, typically with three levels of translation service.

The problem is that low prices mean low quality translations which results in bad feedback from your customers when the words you so carefully crafted don’t make sense anymore.

Levels of translation in the race to the bottom

  1. The first level of translation offered by these companies is called standard or something similar and it is really low price; this is because it’s machine translation similar to Google Translate.
  2. The next tier generally involves proofreading of the first level service.
  3. The third level or higher are actually properly translated by a professional translator.

It is only at this higher level that most of these cheap translation agencies will get a translator involved. At that point their prices magically inflate – what a surprise!

What these companies are offering is machine translation at the lowest level; at the next level they use proofreaders to improve the translations, and in some cases these translators have little or no qualifications.

This isn’t my own opinion: they say it themselves if you dig around their sites enough.

You get what you pay for

This comes back to the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’. If you’re not interested in the quality of your translation, then the first question is surely why are you bothering in the first place.

If you spent a lot of time and money getting your text right for your brochure, website, email, leaflet or whatever, why would you get the cheapest and lowest quality translation of that copy?

To look at it a different way: if you need your accounts producing, you use a professional accountant. So surely using a professional translation company makes sense too?

Global Lingo will never use machine translation

We’re proud to say that we never use machine translation, only professional translators who have years of experience and understand the context of your text.

We constantly monitor the quality of our translations.

Our customer feedback shows that our services deliver perfect translations for our clients, as well as adding real value to their businesses.