Today (18th March 2010) the BBC World Service are holding an experiment at a live event in which people from all over the world, speaking their native language, will come together for one large ‘virtual conference’.

The agenda is open so the discussion can be on any subject.

But how will they all communicate?

Well the idea is to use Google Machine Translation tools. Now as a Translation and Interpreting company we know that the results of machine translation can be a bit random at the best of times, which is why we don’t use it for our professional translations.

Having said that, there is a place for Machine Translation, we offer if on our site after all. Where it can be useful is if you just need the gist of a text, a vague idea what it’s about. If however you need a correct translation then you need a professional human translator, who understands the nuance of language and can give an accurate translation.

So today will be fun if nothing else. We’ll be joining in the tweets and following the live web cast, you can too by following this link.

You can follow us too on twitter @global_lingo.